How to Create Your Ideal Ring Stack

Ring stacking is a fun way to keep your look fresh or for a special occasion. We especially love mixing vintage and modern pieces, experimenting with weight and texture, plain surfaces and gemstones. There are no set rules here, it's all about discovering a combination that resonates with your personal style.


If you are unsure how to start then try out these ideas for size...


Personalized Expression

Let your rings reflect your individuality and timeless style rather than fleeting trends. Incorporate meaningful pieces like your engagement or wedding rings, or heirlooms, to curate a look that is unique and special to you.


Embrace Creativity

Explore diverse styles, textures, and weights, adapting your stack to complement your daily attire. You could stack your rings on one finger one day or multiple the next, adding finishing touches with the gemstones and a signet on the finger to really show who's boss - our Fleur de Lis Signet Ring is perfect for this look.


Mixed Metals

At Elizabeth Allardyce, we adore the artful fusion of different metal tones for a contemporary look.  We recommend choosing your preferred metal color as the base eg. yellow gold and accentuating the set with touches of white gold. You could also build your collection with pieces that combine the two colours.

We have some divine mixed tone pieces, like our Bee Stacker Ring with White Diamonds to elevate your stacker game.


Sparkling Gemstones.

If you prefer diamonds to elevate your evening look or bright jewel tones during the day, your colourful gemstone stackers will become your Go To starter pieces. There are many styling options to choose from, like our fine Rainbow Stacker next to or along side a plain band for an effortless look.


Make a Statement

Consider where the focal point is on your ring stack. It could be a diamond ring, a cocktail ring, or a cherished heirloom. Select something special that you love to wear and create a set around it, leaving a finger bare to maintain balance in your design.



If you are unsure of your ring size follow the guide provided on our website to find the perfect fit.


At Elizabeth Allardyce we have many precious stacker pieces to choose from that you can mix and match in many ways. Have fun exploring our full range here.