Elizabeth Allardyce marries careful craftsmanship with distinctive yet timeless design, for jewellery that will endure through the generations. Her work is prized for its weight and texture, its exquisite detailing and its bold sculptural effect, all testament to the attention poured into every piece. Specially handpicked, ethical materials match the deep thought behind each collection, from the first A2 sketch to the final, hand-carved touch. 


Allardyce draws inspiration from both natural and cultural landscapes, be it an intriguing historical aesthetic or the elegant undulation of a wave. Her affinity with form and function can be traced back to her childhood home, a vivid backdrop of rich tapestries, intriguing antiques, and objets d'art. From here she went on to complete formal studies in architecture, which continue to inform her playful exploration of structure, space and form.


Following her training as a goldsmith, the designer embarked on an international jewelling career that spanned 18 years across New Zealand, Melbourne and London. In 2018 she returned to Auckland to launch her personal line, pulling together her wealth of experience and passion for the craft. 

When you select a piece from the Elizabeth Allardyce treasure trove you make a forever purchase. Her time-transcending design and superior craftsmanship mean your little piece of luxury can be enjoyed every day for a lifetime and beyond.