Care Instructions

Looking after your Jewellery

Your Elizabeth Allardyce piece is a gift to yourself. Keep It beautiful by treating it with care.


Storing your jewellery on its own or in a soft pouch will avoid unintended dings and scratches and ensure a uniform shine for years to come.


Everyone needs to clean, garden or undertake other high impact activities from time to time. If you're planning on doing any of these, be sure to take your jewellery off first, as they can cause damage to the metal and stones.


Cleaning your jewellery is simple: just a professional cleaning cloth, rubbing gently to restore the shine. No need for chemicals or extremely hot or cold water.


Chlorine can damage the metal and stones in your jewellery. Be sure to take it off before going swimming. 


While its okay to wash your hands with your rings on, always make sure you dry them carefully, as water trapped between the ring and your finger can sometimes cause dermatitis.


A blackish look on your jewellery is known as oxidation. Simply wipe with your polishing cloth and it should disappear.

Gold and Rhodium Plated Pieces

Gold and rhodium plated jewellery needs special care.

Just a tiny dash of liquid, diluted in warm water, is all your plated jewellery needs for cleaning. Don't use harsh cleansers or anything thats designed for solid gold pieces, as these can remove the plating.


Nail polish remover, hairspray and perfume can all remove the plating, so avoid using these while wearing your jewellery.


Pearls are naturally soft and porous having come from the ocean. This means its important to keep them away from chemicals, including household cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics and haircare products, which can react with their surface and cause them to loose their lustre.


Despite coming from the sea, pearls don't tend to like water. Don't let them come into contact with heat, steam and ultrasonic cleaners, and clean them with a professional cloth only.